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July 16, 2012
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The smirk widened when he saw all the little candy children walking house to house for sugary treats. The thought that candy people ate candy- it was an act of cannibalism, but no matter. He wasn't interested in those kids though- his eyes where only for the little human bunny plopping down the streets with her candy basket and her trusty cat, Cake. He floated down to the ground next to Fionna the bunny.
"Hey there Fionna, nice costume ya' got there!" He grinned, circling around her with a gleam in his eye. She was gorgeous, no doubt- her voice was like a trickle of water going down a stream- she was like the sun shining in my eyes- technically id die but never mind that crap. Marshall Lee only got poetic when SHE was around- it drove him crazy when stupid Bubblebutt was in his way.
"Marsh, I thought you were going to be a vampire for Halloween! You said Halloween was to… juvenile?" She tilted his head with a tiny pout. If only Marsh can get a little bit of that pout…
"Ya know Fi? I've decided I'd try it out this year- ya like?" He floated around in the air in his costume. A blush crossed her face and a smile spread across her face. He smirked, going up to her and tucking a strand of hair behind her hair. He loved messing with the little duo. "My house tonight?"
"O-Of course Marshall Lee, I always do!" Fionna walked away with Cake with a pop in her step. Marshall wondered why she was all like this….

~~~~ Fionna ~~~~
"C-cake what am I going to do?!" Fionna jumped, straightening out her bunny skirt.
"Baby cakes calm down, it's just Marshall- just kiss him! We've been over this a thousand billion times!" Cake frowned and curled up on the couch. After a long night of tricker treating with Cake, and later Monacromacorn, her sidekick was not for a "date" with Marshall Lee the Vampire King.
"Kiss him? Cake… That's a little too far…"
"Well baby, you will never tell him if not in action!" Cake seemed frustrated today- Fionna thought she had a serious tummy ache from all that candy. Fionna sighed, leaning up against the wall to think things over.  She shrugged, pulling on her bunny jacket- she was still in her costume. Cake said it would make her cute if she kept the Halloween mood on their first "date". She walked to the house, nervous as the butterfly's swirled around in her belly. Fionna went up to the door and knocked on the door.

~~~~ Marshall Lee ~~~~
Fionna was already here- everything was perfect. A bowl of strawberrys lay on the floor next to the video game console he owned. He knew that Fionna would absoulutly love to play the game. He opened the door with a smile as seeing Fi in her cute little bunny outfit. He himself was still in his pirate outfit- just to spruce things up Marshall Lee unbuttoned a few things. NOT that he was a perv- he was just trying to mess with the human.
"What's up Fionna? Come on in!" She walked in and plopped on the couch.
"Nothing much Marsh!" No sooner they were already going at it at the video game. The score: 3-3. A tie.
"Alright Fionna, you look like your gonna' drop. Let's do something else?" She was already drifting off, leaning her little head on Marshalls shoulder.
"Marshy? Do you like someone?"
"Y-Yeah, I do its just… I'm not too sure that she likes me back though..." Marshall wondered where the hell this was going. All of a sudden Fionna just kissed Marshall right on the mouth and then slept in his lap. Marshall chuckled, stroking his little bunny's hair. He kissed the top of her head and layed her down on his bed.
"Goodnight, my little bunny."
Yeah I havnt uploaded anything in like forever im sorry :( But I should write more since im further inspired <3

This is a oneshot, ok? Last time I did a chap thing I discontinued/maybe continued it... Im sorry! Love you my readers <3
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